Just a few more of Key's blatant lies

21 August 2014

Dear John...

That's the start of the letter I'd love to see NZ voters hand to Johnny Key next month.

Unlikely, but he keeps lying, so it's possible.

Just a few of Teflon John's better memory lapses:

Forgetting that he'd been informed about Slug by the Director-General of the SIS.

Forgetting that he knew the appointee to head GCSB, despite them having been lifelong friends.

Forgetting that he's already given Judith Collins a "last chance" previously.

Forgetting that his own staffer, John Ede, had been trying to dish dirt on Labour.

Forgetting which side he was on in the 1981 Springbok Tour, despite it being the number 1 story in the country for almost six months.

Amazing. You'd think he'd be forgetting where he lives next.

Make no mistake: Key is a calculating, devious little shit who is determined to manipulate everyone around him to get his goal of another term in power.