Panic? Who, us? Never!


For a party which was touching 50% only weeks ago, why is it that the sudden elevation of Jacinda Ardern has them in such a flutter?

They're comfortable in their position, so they say, yet the statements and actions of the National MPs and mouthpieces belies their own feelings - they are shit scared.

The evidence:

Bill English making the idiotic statement "won't vote just on a personality". Billy... where have you been for the past two years? People not only vote on personality, they just voted a reality TV star to the White House.

Even better, in Jacinda, you are up against a person who isn't just a personality, but who is someone deeply committed to fairness and equality in a way your party can never do that just happens to have a personality as well.

Bill English again. He's so bereft of defence, the best he could offer to an attack on him was to ask where the positivity went! At least somebody in the meantime has given him the schoolyard retort of the "rock star" economy. That doesn't work too well when homelessness, poverty, rents and third-world diseases are at all-time highs. You'd almost feel sorry for what he's going to cop in the leader debates. Winnie on one side, Jacinda on the other; he'll be wishing he was back on the farm.

Mike Hosking. The much-loathed little man - and I do mean little, this bloke is a classic short-arse with a double dose of short-man's syndrome - and favourite mouthpiece of the alt-right and blue rinse set, says Jacinda has a "credibility issue", "never running anything", and isnít "relatable to middle New Zealand". Yeah, Mike! You would absolutely know who relates to middle NZ. The mere fact that he tries to make such an obvious lie is brilliant for what it reveals - he has nothing. (I'll even ignore the irony that shortie hasn't actually run anything in his life either - apart from his mouth)

Cameron Slater. Having spent nine years slobbering over John Key, even the tub of lard sees the writing on the wall and has put the excellent Heather du Plessis-Alan's analysis on the front page.

I'll add to this list as the lack of panic continues to show!

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